Terms and Conditions

For Business Customers

Internet Services are prepaid quarterly. We invoice in advance and payment is due on or before the start of the service period. If payment is more than one calendar month overdue your services may be suspended pending payment in full. Services are chargeable regardless of suspension until the service is cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel service provision on overdue accounts and levy a £25 late payment charge per domain.

For your convenience it is our policy to auto-renew domain registrations on your behalf without confirmation. If you would like your domain registration to lapse you must give at least one month’s notice.

If at any time you decide to cancel your web hosting arrangements with us we will refund each remaining complete month that you have paid for, providing you give us at least one month’s notice and that hosting is no longer being provided (taken from the date of the registrar’s DNS update if the domain is transferred). Annual and multiyear hosting plans for Wordpress are non-refundable. Domain registration fees are chargeable unless the remaining domain registration period is less than 6 months. All web code remains copyright of Quotes and is non-transferable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service please bring it to the attention of our Director. Please prefix the subject of your email or mark your envelope ‘confidential’. We endeavour to resolve all complaints as soon as they are brought to our attention but if this is not possible we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in 5 working days and advise you how we intend to resolve the issue you have raised and how long this is likely to take.

VAT will be charged where applicable. Your statutory rights are not affected. Confidentiality Agreements available on request. Errors and Omissions Excepted. These terms and conditions are for business customers.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

It is the responsibility of all users of Internet services provided by Quotes to ensure that they are aware of and comply with all legal requirements, copyright regulations and accepted Codes of Practice applicable to and pertaining to the use of Internet Services, both currently and as such legal requirements, copyright regulations and accepted Codes of Practice may be subsequently introduced or amended.

Internet services provided by Quotes must not be used for or associated in any way with:

1. Anonymous or unsolicited multiple email message transmission to individuals or organisations, through email address lists, newsgroups or any other Internet medium for the purposes of offering information, products or services for sale or through any form of free, bargain, reduced or trial offer. This condition does not disallow normally accepted and acceptable use of multiple email message transmissions. In effect and in meaning, this condition refers to, and is intended to prohibit, the practice colloquially identified as spamming and Quotes reserves the right to decide and determine without recourse whether or not any instance of such email message transmission is in breach of this condition.

2. Any form of production, promotion, presentation, dissemination or transmission of material that is pornographic, racist or otherwise likely to be considered offensive or illegal for any reason. Quotes will, if considered necessary, consult with expert bodies in determining the legal status of any such material but, notwithstanding the findings or opinions of any expert body or bodies, reserves the right to decide and determine whether or not any such material is in breach of this condition.

3. Any usage which adversely impacts the performance or normal operation of our services or that consumes a disproportionate share of system resources, including patterns of usage that may affect our network reputation, and could lead to our servers being rate limited, throttled, quarantined or blocked.

Breach of these conditions will result in termination of the provision of all Internet Services, and you may be liable to further action.

Our Conduct and Privacy Policy

The use of computers to store information has brought many benefits and opportunities. Some organisations now realise they can exploit computer based information to their own end, and forget that people are involved. At Quotes we take these issues seriously and aspire to:

  • follow the Codes of the Committee of Advertising Practice and Advertising Standards Authority
  • follow the guidelines published by the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • treat client’s property at least as well as our own
  • keep our data systems secure and virus free

We have elected to restrict certain types of content regardless of its legal status. This means that in addition to the supply of Internet services subject to an Acceptable Use Policy we also decline to provide services for anything likely to be considered offensive. We hope that in our own way we can make a difference to the Internet and make it more suitable for minors.

All personal information supplied by you during ordering and collected by Quotes is conducted lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of delivering services. Please contact us if you want to opt in or out of receiving marketing material from us at any time, or wish to discuss our privacy policy or on-site security arrangements.

Service Responsibility

Internet Services are provided in partnership with carefully selected service providers such as Afternic, Amazon, Backblaze, Bing, CentralNic, Cloudflare, Danami, Elegant Themes, EuroDNS, Fasthosts, Google, GoDaddy, Hover, Invision Power Services, MagicSpam, Nominet, PayPal, Plesk, Porkbun, Rebel, Sedo, Siteground, UKFast, zFast.

Quotes will not accept responsibility for any loss, cancellation or interruption of service, nor for any loss of or damage to any form of electronically stored date, nor for any financial reimbursement associated with or attributable to the operation and management of any service connection or provision.

We recommend you arrange secondary services from alternate providers if you feel that unavailability of our service may cause any significant disruption to your business. This is best organised before your moment of need.

The Internet was designed around the principle of fault tolerance through redundancy. None of our suppliers guarantee full service availability because of the complex nature of the systems involved but by choosing reputable and skilled providers we are able to keep the number of incidences to a minimum.