Geo Postioning

Geo Positioning uses Meta Tags (Geotags) to help make your web pages more accessible by providing additional information about its associated location. This enables web services such as A2B and GeoURL to read the latitute and longitude data and place name information to build up a database of web pages that can be searched for a specific location and proximity.

Finding something on the Internet is pretty straightforward when you know the name of what you are looking for but with Geo Positioning you can also find out where something is.

Geotags can be created by converting an address into a latitude and longitude using mapping web sites such as Multimap and Maporama. You can also put different Geotags on each page. For example Virtual Norwood makes extensive use of Geo Positioning for its Virtual Streets feature. There is a web page for each street in the area and each page has been given Geotags. The pages have been added to GeoURL so you can find out how far it is from one street to another and discover any other web sites that are nearby, such as Numidie Wine Bar and Bistro and Joanna's Brasserie. Similar information can also be obtained from A2B.


New web services such as Google Local and Find My Nearest are using Geo Positioning to help people find restaurants, household services and doctors. They tend to use commercial databases for most of their search results but are starting to use external data sources. For example when someone searches for "Restaurants in SE19" on Google Local it has more than a dozen references to the restaurant reviews section on Virtual Norwood.

Geo Positioning can also be used to tag more than just web pages. It is also possible to embed Geo Positioning information into News Feeds and Images. When Geotags are put into news feeds it means that someone can search the Internet for news from a specific area. When Geo Positioning information is stored inside the EXIF data for an image file it means that someone can search a photo library for pictures taken at a particular location. Special software such as GPS Photolinker can be used to link up the photos with with GPS tracking data but new cameras such as the Ricoh Pro G3 actually include a GPS chip inside the camera itself.

Geo Positioning is becoming more important when searching the Internet. By including location details in your web pages you can help people to find your web site. Quotes can put Geotags into your web pages upon request.
Last updated: Sunday, 31st January 2016

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