Google Analytics

How good is your web site? If you have a one page web site you will probably get a feel for how things are going by the number of email enquiries and phone calls you get. With Google Analytics you can find out much more.

Google Analytics

We can install the Google Analytics tracking code that will capture extra information from web site visitors and enable you to investigate the performance of your web site with sophisticated reports that you can control. The tracking data doesn't enable you to obtain identifiable information about your visitors so respect for their privacy is maintained but the degree of interaction with the visitor statistics is quite formidable. Instead of just counting visitors you can learn how they move around your web site and work out areas for improvement. This is important for raising overall customer satisfaction, your Return On Investment (ROI) and conversion rates.

For example it is likely that more than half your web site visitors will come from a search on Google. But you might discover than visitors from other search engines read more pages. This will reflect the marketing positioning of the search engine, the tasks being performed and whether you are running any advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords.

Campaign Conversion

You can find out which web sites are generating referrals and learn about the search phrases being used by visitors to find your web site.

Marketing Summary

You can also find out whether visitors always tend to start out on your home page or if there is another page on your web site that is popular with referred visitors. Once they have read that page you can then see if they then go on to explore other areas of your web site. A high bounce rate for a page might be acceptable on a Frequently Asked Questions page (mission accomplished) but if it is a product page it may indicate a lack of product information or a selling price that is set too high.

Content Summary

Conversion goals can be used to look at more than just sales. For example you can investigate which page is visited just before someone registers on your online forum.

Conversion Tracking

There are many different ways Google Analytics can present the tracking data. Reports are organised by function, so whilst your web designer might be interested in finding out how many visitors are using broadband or the latest web browser, your sales manager might be more interested in your conversion figures. You can share your reports with other users by exporting them in Delimited Text, XML and CSV formats, or granting access for all your reports to additional users.

Goal Conversions

Google Analytics offers features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers. It can help you to find out how successful your keywords are across search engines and campaigns, track visitor behaviour and work out how to prioritise areas for development.

Google Analytics is free of charge but new accounts are subject to availability. Quotes can install the tracking code for any of our web design customers upon request.
Last updated: Sunday, 31st January 2016

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