Google Adsense

You can earn money from your web site using Google Adsense. There are several types of advertising to choose from including Adsense for Content, Adsense for Search and Adsense Referrals.

The amount of money you will earn with Google Adsense will depend on the uniqueness and subject matter of your web site content, which adverts are shown, how many visitors you have each day, and how many people click on the advertising shown.

The way your web site is designed and content weighting will also play a role in which adverts are selected to be shown on your web site. It is therefore a good idea to decide whether you want to use Google Adsense before your web site is created.

However, before adding Google Adsense to your web site it is worth considering whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Putting advertising on your web site can be distracting for the web site visitor and may even encourage them to leave your web site to go and look at a competitor’s web site instead.

Adsense for Content

Google Adwords allows advertisers to place small adverts on their search results page. It also allows them to opt-in to showing their adverts on web sites that are members of Google Adsense and have put the necessary code in their web pages. The adverts are usually in the familiar text format seen on the search results page but advertisers can also submit images and video too.

You can choose the position and size of the advertising area on your site and customise the colours of the text and border elements. Google will track the number of times your web site displays one of their adverts and if anyone clicks on them.

If the advertiser is using keyword advertising their advert will be shown on your web site when the content of your page is relevant to the keywords they have chosen. They will also have to compete with other advertisers and those that bid the most money per click receive preferential placement. Each advertiser also specifies a daily budget. If their campaign exceeds their budget the adverts will stop running and other advertisers fill the space. From time to time Google will include some of its own advertising.

If the advertiser is using site targetted advertising their advert will be shown on your web site if the amount they have offered to pay is high enough to compete with other advertisers. The rate is set per thousand impressions and is known as the Cost Per Mille (CPM). Mille is the French word for thousand.

With Google Adsense you will earn a share of the revenue that Google makes from the advertisers, on each click if the advertiser is using keywords or on the number of times the advert is shown if the advertiser is using site targetting. You also have the option to reject adverts from some advertisers by putting their domain name into a list of blocked advertisers. It is a good way of removing direct competitors but can limit your income potential if overused.

Adsense for Search

Adsense for Search is also known as Google Site Search. It uses the pages already indexed from your web site and displays the results with advertising from Google Adwords. The results can be shown on Google’s own web site but the layout can be customised with your own logo and colour scheme.


Google Site Search is only recommended when your web site has more than about 100 pages. If you don’t have enough pages it will be counter-productive to offer a search facility that will frequently display no matches in the results. You also need to bear in mind that advertisers will be competing for the visitor’s attention at the precise moment they are seeking information... if your content fails to meet demand you could easily lose the visitor to another web site.

You will earn a share of the revenue that Google makes from the advertisers if the web site visitor clicks on one of the adverts shown.


Google will pay you at the end of each month as long as you have accrued £60 in earnings. They can pay directly into your bank account or send you a cheque. You can also hold the amount over to the next month if you prefer. Even if your web site has thousands of visitors you might still be looking at just one click each day, so it could be quite a long time before the pennies add up and you qualify for payment.
Last updated: Sunday, 31st January 2016

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