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When your web site has more than about 100 pages it is worth providing your visitors with a search facility in addition to the existing navigation links. Google Site Search uses the pages already indexed from your web site and displays the results with advertising from Google Adwords.

Google Site Search can be customised to match your colour scheme and show your logo. It can also open up access to documents such as PDF and Word files by listing them in the search results with your web pages.


If your web site has a relatively small number of web pages it is better to ensure your content is properly organised and provide clear and structured navigation links. This is important on all web sites but if you don’t have enough pages it will be counter-productive to offer a search facility that will frequently display no matches in the results.

A search facility may still be useful if you have news articles and other supporting documents that don’t fit into structured web site navigation very well. For example, a link to your news section in your main web site navigation is okay if you want to search for the latest news but finding news about a particular topic will be hard to achieve unless an index or search facility is available.

Google Site Search is available free of charge. You will need a Google Adsense account to obtain the necessary code and this will enable you to earn a share of the advertising revenue generated from the results pages. Quotes can also integrate Google Site Search using the code from our own Google Adsense account upon request.
Last updated: Sunday, 31st January 2016

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